The Moon’s Light

How long as it been brother, since I saw you lost to her. How many guilty years have I wondered and feared the events of that night. I remember the moon was high, casting beams of crystal light over the fields. A warm breeze blew through the open attic window while we slept.

I woke to the sound of singing, looked up and saw you gone from your bed. I rose and look out the window to see you running through the long grass towards the woods. I quickly dressed and followed in your direction. How could I let my twin be out there on his own having all the fun? I knew you were probably up to no good.

I caught up with you quickly but not quick enough to see you walk out into an opening in the woods I could not recall. A circle of trees surrounding a cottage sat off centre to the circle formed.

As I got closer I could see you standing away from the cottage, swaying gentle to the singing as a young woman stepped out. Walking toward you, you seemed oblivious to her presence as she got close and joined in your sway. She, gently lifting your arms placing them on her shoulders while her hands held your waist.

I looked up at the moon above seeming to uncannily light the whole circle as would a spotlight on a stage show. Then there was silence and I looked down to see she had walked you towards the cottage and stop just short of the door.

She leaned in to kiss you but she stared back over your shoulder at me. Ebony black eyes caught a twinkle from the moons light and no longer did hands embrace you.

I turned and I ran.


Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from Pixabay

My Special Guest tonight is…

Charlotte Brontë and Life

Born in 1816 in Thornton, England she was a novelist, poet and the eldest of the three sisters. Although she unfortunately experienced the early deaths of her siblings she survived into adulthood and her novels became classics of English literature including of course Jane Eyre.

So why did I chose this one, well I’ve been through some rough times just like Brontë and so many others of you out there. Lately though, I’ve been quite well. ‘Things’ have been okay, with a little holistic persuasion and I hope this has been seen in some of my posts lately. I’m actually content with life at the moment.

“Okay who are you and what have you done with the Mush!” I hear you shout.

Don’t worry, I’m still the grumpy so-and-so you’ve all come to know and love but for now though I’m quite… Happy!

So for your enjoyment from a Happy Chappy:


Life, believe, is not a dream
So dark as sages say;
Oft a little morning rain
Foretells a pleasant day.
Sometimes there are clouds of gloom,
But these are transient all;
If the shower will make the roses bloom,
O why lament its fall?
Rapidly, merrily,
Life’s sunny hours flit by,
Gratefully, cheerily
Enjoy them as they fly!
What though Death at times steps in,
And calls our Best away?
What though sorrow seems to win,
O’er hope, a heavy sway?
Yet Hope again elastic springs,
Unconquered, though she fell;
Still buoyant are her golden wings,
Still strong to bear us well.
Manfully, fearlessly,
The day of trial bear,
For gloriously, victoriously,
Can courage quell despair!

Chance was to Blame – The Mush from the Hill

Published on FVR as part of the August theme ‘Chance’. This one was inspired by an old black and white movie. Fancy a guess at which one?


Is life mapped out or is the waking day chaotic chance. It was chance saw misfortune fall round about him, a sad state of affairs, changing a life of innocence? A macabre event on fateful evening, chance rolled the dice and he found himself on the losing side of natural.

Mysteries of life hiding from human eyes. Had he known, a pleasant evenings walk to be the demise of his normal life at that very moment when the moon was high? Shining so bright, sensing the malaise afore witness to the savage confrontation. Now the moon weeps over ancient curse.

Chance no longer plays a part, the game has been played, fortune lost. Makes no difference his temperament before said evening. He now lives a life of meticulous change the purest of heart can’t stop. And while the full moon shines, the wolf bane will bloom and the wolfman…

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Simplicity… The Life and Times of an Incense Stick

Tanka [a lot] with the Mush



Sitting I just watch

The incense stick gentle burn

Content in its job

Exudes sweet citrus odour

Makes my mouth simply water


Overtime ash falls

Like birthdays passing each year

As it carries on

Burning steadily through time

Devoted to its purpose


I think how perfect

How simply it does its job

While I reflect on

How this life could be, should be

Simplicity at its best


Sitting, watching while

Life goes on around me and

The stick teaches how

To make the rest of my life

Simply the best of my life


Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from Pixabay