Trophy – The Mush from the Hill

This one was published on Free Verse Revolution as part of their July theme of ‘Love’. Go check out some of the other great works over there.


She was loved once

She once loved

But love has a cruel way 

Of casting aside those that 

Are seen as no more than

Trophies to be presented

Until the trophy becomes

Battered and tarnished

Scratched and bruised

Then it is just discarded

For no one to love

Not even herself

John is a Welsh Poet from the coastal city of Swansea in South Wales. His inspiration has come from many aspects of his life and the beauty of his local surroundings. He also likes to add a little imagination for good measure. You can read more of John’s work at The Mush from the Hill.

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I’m not sure how to present this one to you. I know I’m sounding like another broken record that needs changing. A year on and I’m still therapeutically rambling on about how I feel and how things affect me.

I tell myself not to write this way, prattling on about an illness that, like me, so many other people suffer from in differing degrees. Unfortunately, I say it like I see it, I write it like I feel it and for right now it feels like stuff is changing so quickly, I don’t want to lose my grip on… Stuff.

Then again, maybe I should; just let go.

Oh well, c’est la vie.


Who am I?

Where am I?

Just a wanna be

Trying to be


Earning money

From politics

I don’t understand

Or even care about


I’ve become a nobody

Moaning and groaning

Too old to try

Too old to care


Huh, lost my hair

My dreams now

Histories Jokes

Laughed at and forgotten


My future unclear

A genetic fear

My present, not the gift

I hoped to live up to


Maybe my time has come

To quit… Again

And let my demons

Take the reigns


I’m tired, let them win

And I’ll resign

To whatever outcome

Whatever destination


They have prepared for me

Laid before me

Take what has

Become of me


The shadow of the person

I wanted to be

Thought I’d be

But turned out you see




Copyright © JRFC January 2019

Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC



One of My Clouded Moments

With a bit of luck I won’t have too many of these moments this year but if it does get out of the cage, as it inevitably will, I can hopefully cope with it better. Published back in July this is:

Broken Mind


Staring at the letters on the page

What do they mean to me?

All I see is a language unknown

Don’t make a blind bit of difference

To how I feel

Brain freeze: Word Blindness: Numbing Ache

I can’t get a break

From my blank moments

Comatose for hours

Coming around seconds later

Glazed, feeling hung over

Bound to a broken mind

I can’t find an answer

Maybe it’s time to just stop and

Give in.

Copyright © JRFC
Image from Pixabay