My Hill

The middle of three

Steady it sits on shifting tides

Fog bound, wound tight

Waiting for the turning on of lights

As its residents settle down for their tea

They’ll twinkle over the town

Like stars in low orbit

For all to enjoy


Copyright © JRFC November 2019

Details in the Masterpiece

As I sit quietly, looking up

Staring at the pin pricks of light

Through the comfort blanket of night

Shrouding this world of ours


I consider my place, my time

In this ocean of existence

And I feel exhilarated, excited

I am alive, I am stimulated


Why should I feel small?

Being part of the bigger picture

I feel connected to all alive

All that are no longer alive


Why should anyone feel out of place?

We may be individual, only one of me

But I’m proud to be part of us

The Human Race!


We are details in this masterpiece

That makes it so

The single pages in the book

Without them it can’t be read


Sometimes violent and disgusting

Sometimes sad and inconsolable

And sometimes beautiful

Beyond imagination


We stand together

Lest we forgot

All will be lost

Not an option, not on my watch!


Copyright © JRFC August 2019
Image from Pixabay