The Seven Deadly Tankas… Wraith

God was to Blame



All they wanted was

The love and laughter and joy

A child yes, what fun?

Where could they snatch one of those?

“After all where were you God?”


Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from Pixabay

The Seven Deadly Tankas… Pride

“It’s Alive!”


He brought it to life

Overwhelming achievement

It stood painfully

No sense of life, sense of worth

He just laughed, screamed; “It’s alive!”


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The Seven Deadly Tankas… Lust

Sweet Sex; Sweeter Blood



One glance was enough

Desire stretched to breaking

He snatched her away

Sex so sweet, her blood sweeter

Body left for the screaming


Copyright © JRFC September 2019
Image from the Lindsay Kemp website